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Kasey and AmyYour New Pet

Thank you SO much for giving a loving home to a pet that truly needs it!

Now that your pet has found their way into your heart, there are a few more hurdles that they must face, such as adjusting to their new family's schedule, and meeting other pets. Have no fear, however! Each rescued pet adjusts at their own pace, so please be patient while they settle in. Here is some helpful information for you to help your pet have the most success!

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Puppy                         Adult Dog (Over 2 years)


<iframe src="https://www.petango.com/webservices/adoptablesearch/wsAdoptableAnimals.aspx?species=All&sex=A&agegroup=All&location=&site=&onhold=N&orderby=Name&colnum=3&css=http://www.petango.com/WebServices/adoptablesearch/css/styles.css&authkey=&recAmount=&detailsInPopup=No&featuredPet=Include&stageID=" width="600" height="200" scrolling="auto"></iframe>