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Horse Taining Concepts
Equine Division at MARS of Illinois
Training Concepts
The training methods used in our program have been developed by our head trainer and instructor, Alexander Socorro. Over the past 15 years, he has gathered a myriad of different tips and tools from many different styles in order to develop a training program that can be applied to a wide variety of horses with different backgrounds. Our program focuses on bonding and trust building through groundwork and riding, using humane methods and tools to signal what movements you want from the horse through body positioning and movement. These skills can be applied in many different training regiments, and are useful to riders, owners and trainers. The horses benefit from the techniques used because the signals are ones they pick up on very quickly, and help the human be self aware of their body positioning. 

If you have a horse that you are struggling with, or are looking to explore different training methods, please contact us at DogsFromMars@aol.com

Where do our horses come from?

The horses used for our training program are ones that were from neglectful or abusive backgrounds, and required rehabilitation and trust building to make them ideal companions. Some of our horses are permanent residents that we have commited to caring for for the remainder of their lives, and they are used in our instructional programs, as well, to teach our training techniques. The horses in our adoption program are from a variety of situations, such as owners that can no longer provide care, they are moving and cannot take the horse with, were removed from their owners due to legal action, etc. Horses available for adoption are listed on our available animal list, with as much background information as we are able to provide, and we provide feeding, care and training logs with all of our horses upon adoption (and usually post these notes in the photo sections of their description).

We hope that with the assistance of our Equine Rescue Team we will be able to start horse training clinics, along with training lessons to increase public awareness and sensitivity to the need for horse rescue in the area. With the help of the horses in our program and our own 'permanent herd' (the term we use to describe the horses that we use to help rehabilitate rescued horses in our adoption program), that we can get more people involved in rescue efforts, and show them how magnificent these animals really are. Our students will learn how to properly groom and bathe the horses, and do basic ground work with them. Students will learn how to use their own bodies and energy to communicate with the horse to show them what behavior they want.

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