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If you have adopted from M.A.R.S. of Illinois, or are about to, or if you have an experience that you would like to share, we would LOVE to hear what you have to say!

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 If you have a question about adoption, our organization, or available animals, please send us an email to: DogsFromMars@aol.com for a prompt response!

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Message From: Tammy Chandler October 21, 2019
I just want to mention what a wonderful experience I have had with MARS. I adopted two of their puppies and I couldn't be happier. I was very pleased with the communication and how healthy my pups are. Thank you very much for all that you do. I will most certainly use again. -Tammy Chandler

Message From: Mary Ann September 18, 2019
Almost 2 years ago, I adopted Holly, a beautiful treeing walker coon hound. She has brought much love, affection, and joy to my life; and she makes a great sister to my 2 year old golden retriever. Thank you MARS. I can't imagine having a day with my girls.

Message From: McKensie October 25, 2018
My husband and I adopted Nicole, "Nicky," in September and we are so thankful for MARS for helping us find our best friend. Nicky is spoiled and loving life!

Message From: Maddy August 2, 2018
We adopted Pilot (border collie/whippet mix) September 2017 and he is a huge joy in our life. He goes to the dog park everyday and is spoiled rotten. Thank you for helping him and us!

Message From: Kelly Stevenson May 14, 2018
We adopted Tiffany (Nira) a little over a week ago. We immediately bonded and love her so much!

Message From: heidi April 23, 2018
Hi just wanted to say we adopted Cadbury now Mercury a Brown Lab mix on March 31st he is doing great and just had his first 3 moth check up....

Message From: Brittany January 25, 2018
I got a puppy a few months ago Harvey he is so amazing and fits in great with the kids and family we love him so much thank you to everyone at mars for everything your company does

Message From: MHT December 14, 2016
We adopted Dorothy, now Sunny, in July. What a wonderful addition to our family! We love her so much! Thank you for the work you do.

Message From: Kris May 11, 2016
We adopted Brutus on December 19, 2015. He is doing great in his new home. Thank you for bringing us together!!

Message From: Emily May 9, 2016
I adopted Hunter(formerly known as Cameron) he's the cutest and amazing little pup. Doing well with learning tricks, and eating well. He's my best friend :) Thank you for all your help in adopting him!! Hopefully we run into his siblings and they can all have a play date :)

Message From: Teri K May 2, 2016
Einstein (Grayson) is doing great at 10 months. He is taking a break from obedience training to try agility and having lots of fun. He brings great joy to us and loves everybody!

Message From: Steve Kaluf April 4, 2016
I adopted Sahara (now Remington) a little over a week ago. She is doing awesome. She is getting along with our other dogs like she has been there for years and is loving running around the farm and woods. Doing very well on house training as well. Thanks for taking her in and getting her to me.

Message From: Teri February 13, 2016
We adopted Einstein (formerly Grayson) in 09/2015 and he is doing great! He loves to play and is the star of his training class. What an awesome addition to our family!

Message From: Joannie Millar November 15, 2015
We just adopted Cassie. Her new name is Piper. We are absolutely in love with this little girl. She is just about potty trained, knows how to sit, shake, come, spin and lay down in just a short weeks time. She is curious, fearless, courious, playful and loves to snuggle. Dogs From Mars did a wonderful job in giving my little girl a great start on life. Thank you! Joannie Millar

Message From: Ashley September 21, 2015
We adopted Kamron from you guys August 22nd of this year it is almost a month since we have had him and he has been amazing!!!! Thank you so much for bringing him in our lives!!!!

Message From: Megan September 14, 2015
Thanks to MARS we were able to adopt the most loving and sweet pup, Roxie (now Lucy), back in April 2015. I appreciate the time and effort you put in to all these pets, as you definitely went above and beyond to meet me and provide this baby girl a home, so thank you very much! We love her so much!

Message From: Nikki W May 13, 2015
We are head over heels with Boss FKA Foster. He is a really great pup. So happy to have him as our newest furbaby!

Message From: RYAN April 7, 2015
Thank you so much MARS!! My wife Sarah and I brought home our adorable new baby Kylie (New name ELLIE), and she is a dream come true!! She is the sweetest girl and is so playful and loving!! We are such proud parents and are the luckiest people in the world to have her in our lives!! How happy we are to be able to rescue her and welcome her to her new FUREVER home!! THANK YOU JULIE AND ALEX!!!!!

Message From: Jimmy and Glen April 3, 2015
Thank you so much for our furbaby "Lola"! We love her and tell all of our friends how great your rescue is!

Message From: Jessie and Aaron P March 24, 2015
Thank you for bringing Ally into our family! We love her so much! You guys are amazing- super fast to respond to emails, very friendly and informative! I recommend your rescue very highly!

Message From: Linda January 3, 2015
2 yrs ago also in Buffalo Grove my husband and I were so fortunate to adopt our little girl Ariel. She's now two and a half yrs old and we couldn't love her anymore than we do. THANK YOU SO MUCH MARS

Message From: Tatiana November 15, 2014
I adopted brady, now named dale, may 17th 2013. It has been a great year and a half with him. I have grown up with many dogs and none have come close to dale's personality. He has so much love and soul. I just had my first baby this September and he watches her like a hawk. He literally puts his arm around me when im sad. Thank you for my best friend

Message From: Jenny November 11, 2014
Hi! I adopted Freedom...now Bentley in August. He is a healthy and happy puppy. I absolutely love having him here with me!!

Message From: Ashley Smith October 1, 2014
Hello! @Jen and Ben- We adopted Renley, formerly Logan, from a litter of 11 Border Collie/Australian Shepherd puppies and would LOVE to get together! How do we get in touch? M.A.R.S, is this something you could help with? We are located in the Chicagoland area.

Message From: Christine September 5, 2014
Hi! We adopted Rocky (formerly known as Colby) in April of this year. We thought he was possibly a Boxer mix but we weren't sure, so we did a DNA kit. It turns out that Rocky is American Staffordshire Terrier mixed with Akita, Giant Schnauzer, and lab! We got a kick out of this result and it's fun to tell people our story. He is the sweetest dog on earth, and just loves to give kisses. Just wanted to let anyone who adopted any of his brothers/sisters (I believe their names all started with C) what his DNA showed! We just love him to death. Thank you!

Message From: Jen & Ben July 2, 2014
Hi there - we adopted a border collie/australian shepherd mix on May 31st (formerly known as Lizzy) from a littler of 11 pups and we would love to get her brothers and sisters together in the future. Please contact me if you are interested.

Message From: Martha June 29, 2014
I could not have imagined a better puppy to welcome into my life. Kodak (Cassie) was from a litter of 10 boxer border collies, and she is so wonderful, i wish i could've brought the whole litter home! Would highly recommend MARS.

Message From: Dana May 23, 2014
I adopted a puppy last year from MARS. He is a brittany spaniel mix. I want to see what his brothers and sisters look like. His name was originally Adam now it Crosby. If someone could get back to me. He is absolutely an awesome dog!

Message From: Allie April 24, 2014
We adopted Frankie (Previously Nolan) at the April 5th adoption event. Every day since then has been a joy! He felt right at home the next day, he adores his new mom (me) but sees Dad as a chew toy/play mate right now, but he is learning! He is so smart, he is already potty trained (whines at the front door!), and I can proudly say he knows sit, stay, wait, speak, and down all before 3 months old. We adore him even though he can be a trickster. :) Thank you so much for all you do!

Message From: Dee W April 10, 2014
We adopted Otto Nov. 26 2013.. He has been pure joy! Potty trained in 1 week and is extremely smart.. thank you.. Otto is ready for a friend .. we will be seeing you soon for another dog... thanks again.

Message From: Suzanne Rubin April 8, 2014
I met Roxy (formally Breanna) at an event in Buffalo Grove a month ago now. I went there with the intention to meet one of the Moms of the recently rescued litters but they weren't they as they were recovering from getting spayed. I had NO plans or desire to adopt a puppy but when Roxy came out of her crate and clumsily climbed into my lap, laying her head down on my shoulder, I was immediately won over! Roxy has been with me for a month now and she has made SO many friends in the neighborhood, human and canine alike. She is part of my little family now which includes her and my 2 rescue cats, Sammy and Dean. She is receiving more love than she could possibly handle and she gives it back with every puppy kiss she lays on me. Thank you for walking me through what I needed to take Roxy home with me that night. I couldn't have done it without your help and thank you for bringing Roxy and me together. We make a good duo and I'm sure that she will soon be besties with Sammy and Dean as well. :-)

Message From: Anita & Steve April 7, 2014
We adopted Gracie (new name Ivy) on Saturday. We couldn't be happier. She is the sweetest puppy! Thanks you M.A.R.S. for always answering my questions along the way and keeping in contact with us as the big day approached. This was our first adoption from a rescue shelter. It was pleasurable experience. You are all wonderful for what you do!

Message From: Sarah and Lucas March 19, 2014
We adopted Boomer the Olde English Bulldogge 3 months ago. Boomer is a great fit for our family, we adore him, and he makes us laugh everyday. We couldn't be happier and I bet Boomer would say the same!

Message From: Mark and Tanya Tice March 16, 2014
We adopted Belle, formerly Wish about 3 weeks ago. She has made herself at home, loves to run in our yard and play with our other dog. She's a perfect fit for our family!!

Message From: Ryan and Haley Farmer January 22, 2014
we adopted dina, a boxer bulldog mix puppy and we love her, and she loves us! we will send pictures soon! thank you!

Message From: Rudy & Dana January 21, 2014
We would like to send a huge thank you from "Sammy"! We think he is the best thing since sliced bread! Keep up the great work!

Message From: (Private) January 8, 2014
I adopted my lab mix on May 17th. His name is Dale, formally known as brady. I love him so much. He follows my sheltie mix around all day. He sleeps with me and loves everyone he sees. My husband and I are so thankful!

Message From: Karim V. January 7, 2014
Thank you for allowing us to adopt Cody! He is amazing!

Message From: Terry M. October 12, 2013
Thank you for bringing Stella into our lives! We love her so much!

Message From: Liv and Walt September 9, 2013
Hi guys! Sending a shout out from Indiana! We adopted Calvin (I believe was his name), a Jack Russell mix about a year ago. He is the love of our lives, weighing in at a whopping 3.5lbs. His name is Watson now, and he loves his four-legged sister Bella, as well.

Message From: Rhonda and David P. August 26, 2013
We love our Rickie so much! We adopted him two months ago and could not be happier. He is a wonderful companion for our other dog, Bently. Thanks, MARS!

Message From: Anna V. August 23, 2013
I adopted Tootsie on July 27th and I love her so much! She gives tons of kisses, and my daughters LOVE her! When we are ready to adopt a second puppy (very soon!) so Tootsie has a friend, we will come visit MARS again!

Message From: Jamie August 21, 2013
I adopted Frisbee on July 27th and I love him so much. He is a really cool puppy and everyone that has met him loves him! Thank you so much for letting me adopt him!

Message From: Adam L. August 21, 2013
Hey MARS team! I adopted Charlie, a terrier/Beagle mix. He is a great little guy, and we love him very much. Thank you for the work you do to save these animals!

Message From: Barb and Robert August 20, 2013
We adopted Jasper (formerly known as Devon) in July and we love him so much! We cannot imagine life without him. The adoption process was fairly simple, and totally worth it! Thank you MARS!

Message From: Amanda August 18, 2013
We are so thrilled to have Taleetha, know to M.A.R.S. as Lily. We adopted her on Sat. Aug. 17th. She's been a perfect little lady,well.. almost ; ) only two accidents, she slept all night without a whimper. She's cute, sweet, and her name means: little girl in Hebrew! Thank you so much for finding her for our family, we simply.. love her!

Message From: Heather August 14, 2013
We completed our family by adding Zena, now named Lucy, to our family on Sunday Aug. 11th. Lucy has been a complete sweetheart and really adjusted to our family perfectly. She has two older siblings Sox and Maggie that she really has clicked with and she looks to them for proper behavior in our house. She is always by myself, my husband's, or our dog Sox's side and is just a constant tail wagging. Our dogs are adjusting to each other quicker than I could imagine! Thank you M.A.R.S. for taking such great care of Lucy before we got her and helping us complete our family!

Message From: Lindsay & Mike August 14, 2013
A million thanks for our little Opie, originally Roscoe. He is a very goofy and cuddly pup. We appreciate everything you guys do and Opie does too!

Message From: Suzanne K. August 8, 2013
I adopted Jazmine, an Australian Airedale mix, and I just love her! Thank you so much for bringing this sweet girl into our lives. She sleeps in our daughter's room.

Message From: robin and alex June 25, 2013
hi! we are so happy with our Bella that we got in May (she was one of the lab/boxer pups). She is a wonderful addition to our family and we just adore her!